DIY From a plain blue blanket to a cute dress

I was walking around IKEA the other day when I stumble upon this marine blue blanket.
DSC_0065I am guilty of having an anonymous blue addiction, so of course, I couldn’t leave the store without the blanket… So I didn’t.
Well home I decided that I wanted something that looked both fashionable (For my standards.) and warm for the winter.
To compromise I gave it a turtleneck, but I made it very wide so that it wouldn’t come too close to my neck.
DSC_0069The reason why the outcut of the dress looks so uneven is that I had just moved it around.
I Didn’t actually cut it so uneven.
After I cut it out, all I had to do was to sew it together then it was all finished.

dsc_0070-e1512678735448.jpgI had just washed my hair when this picture was taken… Thinking of it, I might wash my hair too often right before I am going to take a picture.
No, I don’t blow-dry my hair because my blond hair is very sensitive so it completely destroys my hair if I do anything with it.
DIY blue dressDIY blue dressThough all the angles made me look chubby, it still gave a good impression of how the dress looks.
I used the dress when I went out to meet my friend later that day.
I will say that it came a long way from being just a plain blanket.

from blue blaket to dress

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