The stress of having a pet

I have a really stubborn dog, he truly hates walking more than anything else in the world.
However two weeks ago he started to act even more stubborn than usual.
tassen sta
I assumed that his stubbornness was due to the change in weather from warm summery to cold winter weather.
To fix his stubbornness I sewed him a t-shirt out of a fleece in the hope that it would make him more willing to go for a walk.
tassen klaer   As you can see, he was rather unpleased with it to begin with, however, he soon learned to love it.
He was still so stubborn and seemingly unhappy about walking outside or actually doing anything but sleeping and I didn’t understand why.
tassen troottI was battling for a few days to figure out what that was bothering him with no luck.
He seemingly had lost all happiness and though he is an old cranky 10-year-old, he has never behaved this unusual before.
After a few days, I decided to take him to the vet even though he is so afraid of the vet that he pisses himself out of fear when he is there, poor thing.
tassen dyrelege  They quickly discovered that he had some issues in one of his ears so they had to give him anesthesia while fixing his ear.
Anyone who has had the unfortunate experience of sitting there and watching their pet being both in pain and completely petrified and you having no chance of making them feel any better is the most heartbreaking feeling I’ve ever had.

tassen sove While driving home with him a thought crossed my mind.
The fear my dog feels about going to the vet is heartbreaking when knowing that one day he might have to be put down.
Having a pet is the most difficult thing in the world because you have a family member that you love more than anything in the world, yet you are incapable of telling him or her that everything will be alright.
The heartbreaking feeling of knowing that they are ill and that you can’t tell them that everything is going to be alright is truly difficult.
tassen tristHaving a pet will give you a lot of love and heartbreak.
If you have a pet, give your pet all the love in the world while you can.
They sadly have way too short lifespan.
If you don’t have a pet, be prepared for the worst and be ready to spend a lot on their medical bills.
If you can’t afford to pay when they get sick, you can’t afford them at all.
Having a pet is amazing and it gives you a lot of joy and happiness, but they are as needy as a child.
Not everyone is prepared for all the financial and emotional responsibility.

My little one is fine and happy again now as he is wishing you a good week and a Merry Christmas with lots of love from us.
Ps.the catfood is for the cat, we don’t feed our dog cat food.
tassen glad

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