Why you are an amazing human being.

For centuries now, we as humans have been fighting each other.
Someone always felt better than the others.
What people forget though, is that we are all amazing just because of what we are.
Because we are Homo sapiens sapiens, the most amazing animal to ever have walked the earth.
There used to be more human-like animals out there, but they all died out while we strived to become the superior, the rulers of nature.
Reading this you might think I am mad, but hear me out.
When other animals, even those closely related to us saw the ocean they “said” okay, this is the end.
We said, “What’s on the other side of the ocean.”
When animals come across mountains so high there is no oxygen up there, they said okay let’s go back.
We said, “We might die trying, but let’s get to the top.”
When other animals were content with the fact that they couldn’t fly, we made airplanes so that we could outfly the birds.
When we got too bored of walking far distances, we made machines to take us there quicker.
When we discovered that we had explored all of our planet, we didn’t say “We are content with this.”
We decided to explore the moon, to explore Mars.
We are the animals that always thinks outside the box.
Anything we can imagine, we can do.
We don’t look at things and say “There is a high chance that this won’t work, so let’s not do it.”
We couldn’t swim over the ocean so we build boats.
We can’t breathe underwater so we boxed up the air and brought it down with us.
If you shoot for the stars, you might just hit the moon.
Just remember, you are the only animal with the technology and strive to get there.
We are humans and we are the most amazing animal to have ever walked on this planet, not always good but always amazing.
Don’t let your dreams be the only dream, you are a human and like your ancestors you can do amazing things if you just believe in yourself.
Die without a single “What if…?”
Die knowing that you have given your best your entire life.
Die knowing that you have tried every dream you had.
Don’t stop by the ocean because you don’t have a boat, build it.

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