DIY How to wear a dress in winter without freezing to death?

I don’t know what looks more silly, my drenched hair after my shower, my odd position in the mirror or the fact that I had dragged the dress over my entire face.
If the dress was black I would have looked like a robber, I assume.
Though I truly dislike the way this dress looks on me, I truly love the practicality of it.
The long neck provides the warmth I so sorely need in these cold winters days.
In this awful cold time of the year, this dress is my savior.
I went out for a walk with only the dress on to see if it protected me from the elements, and to my surprise,  the only part of me that was cold was the hand that I used to hold my dog’s leash.
My other hand was warmly tucked into my pocket and the rest of my body was truly warm.
I won’t be making any other dresses of this caliber again though because I have quite big breasts and it doesn’t fit these styles of dresses.
However, I will truly use this dress plenty of time though, because it is too comfortable to not use.

For those who haven’t already guessed it, I made this dress out of two blankets.
It took me about one hour to make and for that, I am truly in love with the outcome.

This is how the dress looked like right after I had cut the form out of the blankets.
As you can see, I cut all in one go to make it easier to sew it quickly into a dress, as I have a tendency to get bored with things if it takes too long.
DIY dress out of blanket

After I had cut out the dress form, I placed four layers of the blankets on top of each other and cut out the pockets.
I made the pockets extra big because I wish to be able to put anything in them without fearing that the things might fall out or might not fit.
It’s the same size as my thigh actually.

hvit kjole lommer

After that, I just sew it all together and within an hour, my dress was ready.

I can pull it far up my face it I wish too.

Though I look like a failing robber, I can’t say I hate it.
I made it out of those cheap IKEA blankets, yet it is so warm and cozy.

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If you wish to try out sewing yourself you can try one of these sewing machines.
I found one which is average priced that can do more, and then I found one that is cheaper but of course not at capable of doing as good, but it is still very useful for small projects.
This one is for $125.87                    This one is for $24.90

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