DIY from blanket to a dress

Have you ever had the problem where dresses are always either too long, too short, ill-fitting, pocket less or simply just too cold to wear if it isn’t boiling hot outside?
I’ve been frustrated for years due to the fact that the dresses I buy never have any pockets.
I am not a purse loving girl, so the idea of having to bring a purse with me everywhere if I ever wanted to wear a dress, made me really reconsider the idea of wearing one.

I am probably alone in this struggle, however, I have never liked pants.
I can wear leggings and I can wear sweatpants, demine though has been my worst enemy for as long as I can remember.
I am embarrassed to say it, but I actually moved away from my country of origin twice, just so that I could live a place where I could wear dresses every day without being judged.
Obviously, though, I love being judged, because I returned to the cold north twice, stupid girl.
Everytime I return, I realized one thing…
We dress like slobs 90% of the year.
Why do we dress as if someone has died just because it’s winter, autumn, spring or most of the summer?
Yes, we never really have nice weather for more than 2 hours each week maximum, but why should I dress in something that I don’t like myself in just because of that?
Dresses are the only outfit that has truly made me happy, I love looking at myself in the mirror when I have a dress on, and walking outside, I have never felt as confident.
Sadly when you wear a dress in a cold country, people will look at you as a freak.
Everyone will act like you are wearing nothing and freezing to death, even when I wore this dress people thought I must be freezing to death.
The truth is though, I have never felt warmer.
Who made the rule that demine is warm?
It is the coldest and worst winter fabric I have ever worn.
This dress is literally a blanket that I have wrapped around myself, how is that not a lot warmer?

My family keeps telling me that I could wear pants, that I look too formal or to quote my mom “You look like you are in a circus”.
Guess what though, I would love to look like I belong in the circus, if I can wear my clothes with pride.
Making dresses out of blankets was the cheapest and best thing I have ever done.
Never have I had a piece of clothing more comfortable, and never have I had a dress that is just the way I like the dresses to be.

I am personally in love with the knee lengthed fashion of the 50’s and 60’s and I have never found a dress for an okay price that is not made from a very cold and cheap fabric.
After spending years trying to find a dress that had length, pockets, arms and was warm, I decided to give sewing a try.
I must say that I am truly pleasantly surprised over my first try.
Getting a sewing machine was the best thing I’ve ever done.

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If you wish to try out sewing yourself you can try one of these sewing machines.
I found one which is average priced that can do more, and then I found one that is cheaper but of course not at capable of doing as good, but it is still very useful for small projects.
This one is for $125.87                    This one is for $24.90

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