The stress of having a pet

I have a really stubborn dog, he truly hates walking more than anything else in the world. However two weeks ago he started to act even more stubborn than usual. I assumed that his stubbornness was due to the change in weather from warm summery to cold winter weather. To fix his stubbornness I sewed... Continue Reading →

Why you are an amazing human being.

For centuries now, we as humans have been fighting each other. Someone always felt better than the others. What people forget though, is that we are all amazing just because of what we are. Because we are Homo sapiens sapiens, the most amazing animal to ever have walked the earth. There used to be more... Continue Reading →

DIY from blanket to a dress

Have you ever had the problem where dresses are always either too long, too short, ill-fitting, pocket less or simply just too cold to wear if it isn't boiling hot outside? I've been frustrated for years due to the fact that the dresses I buy never have any pockets. I am not a purse loving girl,... Continue Reading →

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